Speaking out against the Santos Project

This page provides links to some of the media produced in recent years by different people and organisations, featuring Gomeroi voices speaking out against the Santos project.
Gomeroi celebrate win against gas giant Santos
Gomeroi people are celebrating the decision of the Federal Court to overturn the authorisation granted to Santos by the Native Title Tribunal to proceed with their CSG plans.
Walk With Us
Traditional Owners send a powerful message to super funds: stop investing in Santos.
Narrabri Gas Project cleared despite Gomeroi traditional owners not consenting
Podcast with Gomeroi woman Kara Kinchela explaining the details of the recent decision in the Native Title Tribunal, which over-rides Gomeroi rights and paves the way for Santos’ coal seam gas project.
The Gomeroi people have fought Santos' Narrabri Gas Project for a decade. They hope a novel climate change argument could help them win
Detailed ABC story featuring Gomeroi women Dorothy Tighe and Kara Kinchela about the novel argument being made by Gomeroi in the Native Title Tribunal (NTT). The serious climate impact of Santos' CSG project means the company should not be able to argue it is in the "public interest" and over-ride Gomeroi rights.
Stand with Gomeroi against Santos
Oil and gas giant Santos is trying to build 850 coal seam gas wells on sacred Gomeroi land in the Pilliga region, far west NSW. Not only would this be disastrous for the climate, but the impacts on Country, Culture and the integral waterways of the Great Artesian Basin would be absolutely devastating. We cannot let Santos get away with this. Stand with Gomeroi People against Santos.
ABC News - Traditional Owners fighting gas projects
Gamilaroi woman Suellyn Tighe featured in a special report on ABC news, highlighting opposition by First Nations across Australia to the planned expansion of gas mining.
The Pillaga project
Documentary with detailed information about the threat posed by the Santos Narrabri project and the resistance against it. Directed and Edited by Natalie Haddad. Produced by Shannon Langford Salisbury and Ashleigh Morgan.
Gomeroi Voices
Protecting Country and the life it sustains: Produced by Gamilaraay and Ngunnawal man Josh Bell and Zac Rudge.
Workers for Climate Action
Narrabri Gas Project: Short video of a protest held by Workers for Climate Action and Gomeroi people on February 7, 2022, when Santos was in court attacking Gomeroi rights. Produced by the Maritime Union of Australia
Yanaay Santos
Episode of Let’s Talk, presented by Boe Spearim, interviewing Gomeroi people Karra Smith Kinchela, Tameeka Tighe and Ian Brown ahead of a Day of Action in Narrabri against Santos
Gamilaraay Strong
Let’s Talk, presented by Boe Spearim, featuring interviews with Ruby Wharton, Peter Skuthorpe, Ian Brown, Victoria Van Schie and Raymond Weatherall

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